About Sasson
For booking or other information please email us or call Keith Judelman at (206) 419-3868.

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  Sasson is a Jewish music ensemble based in Seattle, Washington. Formed in 2005, the group quickly established itself as one of the northwest's premier Jewish music ensembles. Since that time, Sasson has performed at weddings, celebrations, community events, synagogues, clubs, festivals, and world music showcases around the U.S.
  With a broad repertoire of traditional and original music from around the Jewish world that reaches people of all ages and backgrounds, Sasson is proud to be a steward of the Jewish musical tradition.

  The name Sasson means "to rejoice through song" (as in "kol sasson"). It is the essence of what we do and represents the tikun (fixing) that we strive to bring to a world that is so often broken-hearted. Music has this special capacity to elevate. On the wings of a melody we are taken to a place where everything else falls away, and in the sweetness of the moment our soul begins to soar.